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  1. He is Alessio.


  2. Dust in


  3. I Have The Key

    But I have no clue. I am here though.

  4. Do Your Dirty Laundry Here

    Just around the corner in Tokyo where magic happens.

  5. Tokyo Street Portraits

    This guy. Good soul. Thank you for sharing the light and time.

  6. Yuji - colorful black bird in Tokyo.

    Amazing soul.

  7. People of Tokyo

    Sometimes communication can be difficult. Being in a foreign country, not talking the local language. Meeting this guy, we shared both - he from China talking mostly Chinese and me from Switzerland. Japanese wasn’t an option, english not much either. So thank you google translator and thank you for your…

  8. Stories of Tokyo

    Tokyo talks. It’s loud and it might scream at you. I understand best, if I open my eyes.

  9. house warming - warm home

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