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  1. Human

    23 Jul 2018

    maybe about to get a haircutmaybe on a trip through europemaybe uncomfortable in front of a cameramaybe actually in a damn hurrymaybe looking forward to the holidays at the beachmaybe just remembering the holidays, wishing to go backmaybe a great bakermaybe.. For sure human, for sure beautiful. subscribe to photo_news.

  2. zurich street portraits

    06 Oct 2017

  3. new guy - in the dark

    23 Oct 2016

  4. more pattern - more guy

    08 Apr 2015

    meet aaron  model by make-up by letizia abbatiello

  5. patterns

    07 Apr 2015

    Everywhere.  more here. Model - Fabio by Time Models Makeup - Letizia Abbatiello more guy with pattern and other guys.

  6. more to tell in black and white

    19 Jan 2015

    inside or outside?you or me? see “tell me”

  7. two headshots

    08 May 2014

    a face and some colors - not much more to add.

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