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  1. dance - live

    Minghao - a force of nature. A journey to nowhere.

  2. The Sun Shines.

    You can shine too.

  3. Wind in Hair

    Ignacio. Chile. 

  4. He is Alessio.


  5. Fooo

    Fooled by Fooo. or

  6. In Tokyo I Met..

    ..this guy. The streets were busy, he was busy, I was busy too.

  7. Outside Zurich Kunsthaus, House of Arts

    No, we didn’t go inside. There was magical light everywhere around the museum. See you.

  8. Day in Black and White

    Meeting Khai outside Tokyo.

  9. Takumi Inomata - Shoe Designer in Tokyo

    Creative person with a big smile. Designing shoes that feel just like a skin on your feet. I met Takumi in his little atelier in the middle of busy Tokyo. A quiet place with beautiful light and full of creativity A guy who seems to be thinking, creating or smiling.…

  10. No Biking Here!

    Don’t always follow the rules.

  11. People of Tokyo

    Sometimes communication can be difficult. Being in a foreign country, not talking the local language. Meeting this guy, we shared both - he from China talking mostly Chinese and me from Switzerland. Japanese wasn’t an option, english not much either. So thank you google translator and thank you for your…

  12. hello

    new shots with lerrhhot

  13. Champagne?

    flying into the night. Agyness Champagne - one of a kind. meet her on facebook on instagram

  14. zurich street portraits

  15. going out

    saturday night in zurich - going out. glam street portrait without a street. more of him on his instagram.

  16. house warming - warm home

  17. at the museum

    museum aesthetics Kunsthaus Zürich

  18. in the city

    check out his blog

  19. l . e . o .

    face to face

  20. don’t see

    work in progress t-shirts - prototypes of an upcoming MuDA collection photography by daniekunzphoto model - charis anna model - leonardo make-up - boucherouge

  21. women’s march zurich

    love, be kind, be yourself! stay awake, stay strong, stay pink!

  22. new guy - in the dark

  23. first look

    leo follow him on instagram more to come..

  24. meet jose dávila

    @museo jumex, mexico city - art by jose dávila - reflections on art.

  25. sunday with a lady

    in zurich, in a park and in other places.  meeting miriam - more portraits here.  and more of her own work on her instagram.

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