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  1. Not Your Mom

    24 Dec 2018

    Not your mom. Street art or vandalism.

  2. Human

    23 Jul 2018

    maybe about to get a haircutmaybe on a trip through europemaybe uncomfortable in front of a cameramaybe actually in a damn hurrymaybe looking forward to the holidays at the beachmaybe just remembering the holidays, wishing to go backmaybe a great bakermaybe.. For sure human, for sure beautiful. subscribe to photo_news.

  3. hello

    17 Feb 2018

    new shots with lerrhhot

  4. shiaz legz

    08 Jan 2018

    well - she has legz.. visit her - online or her shows.. her instagram

  5. Champagne?

    28 Dec 2017

    flying into the night. Agyness Champagne - one of a kind. meet her on facebook on instagram

  6. zurich street portraits

    06 Oct 2017

  7. going out

    16 Aug 2017

    saturday night in zurich - going out. glam street portrait without a street. more of him on his instagram.

  8. house warming - warm home

    18 Jul 2017

  9. at the museum

    14 Jun 2017

    museum aesthetics Kunsthaus Zürich

  10. in the city

    01 Jun 2017

    check out his blog

  11. don’t see

    12 Apr 2017

    work in progress t-shirts - prototypes of an upcoming MuDA collection photography by daniekunzphoto model - charis anna model - leonardo make-up - boucherouge

  12. women’s march zurich

    19 Mar 2017

    love, be kind, be yourself! stay awake, stay strong, stay pink!

  13. migration and integration

    31 Jan 2017

    Working and learning together - creating a future by starting an education. Pictures for an integration project. Involved Verein Lernwerk and the city of Baden.

  14. meeting the tattoo guy - the real skeeter

    03 Nov 2016

    Travelling through Europe this colorful guy from the us met me in Zurich. But look - and see more soon.

  15. new guy - in the dark

    23 Oct 2016

  16. first look

    14 Oct 2016

    leo follow him on instagram more to come..

  17. meet jose dávila

    29 Sep 2016

    @museo jumex, mexico city - art by jose dávila - reflections on art.

  18. sunday with a lady

    07 Sep 2016

    in zurich, in a park and in other places.  meeting miriam - more portraits here.  and more of her own work on her instagram.

  19. sihlsana

    29 Jun 2016

    happy about my recent work for sihlsana ag. a great place for great people. I am thankful for the experience. much more pictures on and here.

  20. sweet, vegan summer!

    24 Jun 2016

    cool down! and visit the blog.. and find out more.

  21. vegan burger - the v factor

    09 May 2016

    vegan on the island.  just look out for the v factor on your next trip. enjoy and read the walls (better than building..). yummy burger no chocolate cake.. think about it.

  22. more island

    09 May 2016

    watch out..

  23. getting married?

    03 Apr 2016

    thinking about a special ceremony?

  24. yellow sunday snack

    04 Mar 2016

    check out the fruit, check out the magazine.

  25. anywhere?

    05 Feb 2016

    late vegi brunch @ jack & jo’s

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