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  1. The Sun Shines.

    You can shine too.

  2. skin protects

    Just Luis, nothing more.

  3. Dance

    Dance for Life With Guang-Xuan Chen 陳廣軒

  4. Wind in Hair

    Ignacio. Chile. 

  5. He is Alessio.


  6. I Have The Key

    But I have no clue. I am here though.

  7. Ian.

    I met Ian in Tokyo after following him and his work on Instagram for a while.  See you later.

  8. Outside Zurich Kunsthaus, House of Arts

    No, we didn’t go inside. There was magical light everywhere around the museum. See you.

  9. Tokyo Street Portraits

    This guy. Good soul. Thank you for sharing the light and time.

  10. Yuji - colorful black bird in Tokyo.

    Amazing soul.

  11. People of Tokyo

    Sometimes communication can be difficult. Being in a foreign country, not talking the local language. Meeting this guy, we shared both - he from China talking mostly Chinese and me from Switzerland. Japanese wasn’t an option, english not much either. So thank you google translator and thank you for your…

  12. A Guide in the Jungle

    Markets are a jungle - I don’t know much about markets - but that’s what Felix Zulauf says in the interview with the Barron’s Magazin.  I had the chance to meet Felix Zulauf and take portraits for the article. 

  13. l . e . o .

    face to face

  14. new guy - in the dark

  15. first look

    leo follow him on instagram more to come..

  16. sunday with a lady

    in zurich, in a park and in other places.  meeting miriam - more portraits here.  and more of her own work on her instagram.

  17. working

    beauty exists - and it gets created. here and there.

  18. more pattern - more guy

    meet aaron  model by make-up by letizia abbatiello

  19. patterns

    Everywhere.  more here. Model - Fabio by Time Models Makeup - Letizia Abbatiello more guy with pattern and other guys.

  20. new portrait

    great person - good luck in the game!

  21. more to tell in black and white

    inside or outside?you or me? see “tell me”

  22. more personal

    see more of me

  23. two headshots

    a face and some colors - not much more to add.

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