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  1. Doing Groceries

    Doing Groceries in Style. Anthea is a fasion design student. You find her work in the pictures.

  2. Day in Black and White

    Meeting Khai outside Tokyo.

  3. Yuji - colorful black bird in Tokyo.

    Amazing soul.

  4. hello

    new shots with lerrhhot

  5. shiaz legz

    well - she has legz.. visit her - online or her shows.. her instagram

  6. Champagne?

    flying into the night. Agyness Champagne - one of a kind. meet her on facebook on instagram

  7. going out

    saturday night in zurich - going out. glam street portrait without a street. more of him on his instagram.

  8. in the city

    check out his blog

  9. sanikai & print matters @frau gerolds garten

    sanikai & print matters @ frau gerolds garten, zürich, switzerland

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